Thursday, 11 November 2010

Makkah - Mashair Railway


MAKKAH: The Mashair Railway that links the holy sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah to Makkah is one of the latest high-tech projects to be implemented by Saudi Arabia to serve the guests of God.

About 30 to 50 percent of the Mashair Railway (also known as the Makkah Metro) is to be used this Haj season, said Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Khodairy, undersecretary at the Makkah governorate.

Costing SR6.5 billion, the new railway has the capacity to transport 72,000 pilgrims an hour. Nine stations have been constructed in Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifah, each with three stations.

This is the second largest project to be implemented by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs after the SR4.5 billion high-tech Jamrat Bridge project in Mina.

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