Saturday, 19 February 2011

Learning Arabic

Shariah Program
Intensive Arabic Program (Learn Arabic and Islamic Studies)
Duration of intensive course: 6 months
As the language in which the sacred Quran was revealed, and in which the majority of Islamic scholarship is conducted, Arabic occupies a very special and beloved position in the very soul of the Ummah. It is both the language in which we pray to our Creator and the gateway to the knowledge.

Translation and Teaching of Arabic
I was born in Long Island and brought up in the Catskill Mountains. The day that marked my existence was my first Spanish class in high school. Twenty four years and two languages later, I have only thanks to give to God for helping me discover my true love: Arabic, Translation & Interpreting.

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language to Adults in Cambridge, MA.
My students range in background and motivation from college students to government employees, from business people to descendants of native speakers, from travelers interested in Arabic culture to curious US citizens. I am uniquely qualified by natural ability, academic training and experience to lead you through the process of learning Arabic. I teach Arabic's rich capability for expression and help you discover the logic of its grammar rules. Arabic is the only language taught here. It is my passion. Come learn Arabic with me. – Sherif Shabaka, Director and Primary Instructor
برنامج شامل يوفر لك روابط لكل ما يفيد المسلم من مواد إسلامية على الشبكة سواء :


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