Saturday, 9 April 2011


Why do people commit suicide? Suicide is a manifest of long-standing negative human emotions. Suicide is a compelling action after a person is convinced that there are no other actions possible and after accepting a self-imposed belief that life must end by death itself. How many people commit suicide? A priori, higher numbers of suicides should come from urban areas where the stress of a fast-paced life would be expected to have its toll on weak souls who may find themselves easily trapped and suicide then serves as a last resort. Rural life may seem more relaxing and less stressful and the suicide cases from such living can be negligible. Though negligible, we must be concerned when even one suicide occurs. Why does Islam forbid suicide? 

I'll pose a few real scenarios and you can try respond to them. There are no right or wrong answers.

Scenario 1: A Chinese male was diagnosed to have terminal cancer and warded. There was no hope of ever recovering from his cancer. He was the breadwinner for his family. His wife and family came to visit him whilst in the ward. One morning he was found dead on the grass, his face slumped into the soft ground. He had jumped off from the eight floor of the hospital and died on impact. (2 reported cases, 2 weeks apart)

Scenario 2: A rural female Malay teenager went hiking with a group of schoolfriends in the jungles of Gua Musang. After days of camping she returned. Her mother noticed her behaviour was abnormal; she had suicidal attempts. The village head thought she "kena sampok" and the villagers attempted reverse sorcery. It didn't work and the teenager was referred to hospital.

Scenario 3: A male Chinese student studied very hard for his first-year medical exams. Having felt that he did not do well and was going to bring shame to his family, he hung himself to death. He was the elder sibling of two brothers. His body was discovered the following day in the students' hostel. He died on a weekend when nobody was around.

Scenario 4: A female Indian student studied very hard in her first year. She did not mix with her peers. She was pleasant but quiet. One day she was found dead in her hostel room. She died by hanging herself to ceiling fan in her room.


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