Friday, 20 May 2011

Islam is not terrorism

While the world chooses to blame every error, disaster, evil and ugliness on Islam, I do not agree. Islam is a religion and a way of life of people who choose that religion. It is a religion that only people with very high intelligence can accept. Normal people usually follow without much understanding. I have seen the highly learned all turn to Islam. Why does Islam attract the learned and turns away the non thinkers? Islam teaches humans to use their brains to think clearly through many life issues. It teaches humans to use judgment appropriately and correctly, and not be biased and to avoid victimisation. The errors, disasters, evils and ugliness we see happening today are man's own doing. We cannot blame Islam when there are so many religious faiths in this world. Everything that happens in this world is multifactorial and we cannot simply put the blame on one particular religion. As an academic I find it quite difficult that my fellow academics in many parts of the world have still not understood Islam and its true meanings. They talk of human psychology, philosophy, child psychology, human relations and international relations, but yet they organise their armies and go to war! The great wars (WWI, WWII) have all been forged by non Muslim countries or super powers. How then can we now blame Islam for evil when the non Muslims did so much damage to this world? Islam never invented weapons except the sword and dagger but those weapons are for hunting animals and for survival, not for killing humans, not for wars. So how can we blame Islam and Muslims? We have seen non Muslims occupying lands which originally were occupied by Muslim shepherds and herdsmen but the non Muslims came and conquered and robbed the Muslims of their lands. How can we say that Islam and the Muslims are to blame? When the Muslim people fight back to gain their land which is rightfully theirs, how can we say they are terrorists? Who are the actual terrorists? I think now you see the people who are the real terrorists. Terrorists must be rich people so they can buy bombs and blast everything they wish. But Muslims are never rich because they have a taxation system that taxes quite heavily on accumulated wealth; how can they be rich and buy bombs? Fake bombs? Think carefully and you will see that terrorists are never Muslims and are non Muslims. The Muslim people are family people, meaning they look after their families and the well-being of their society. They do not forge war and hostility. There is a term in Arabic, "deafah" which means extending welcome to the guest in the most hospitable way. How can the Muslim people have this deafah if they are also aggressive? I think when we want to say something bad about Islam or the Muslim people, we must first contact a Muslim and ask and then make a comment. This way statements and comments are fair and can be corrected. The only way to fairness is Islam. Learn it well and you will know what I mean. Islam is about being an intellect and using the brain to think. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Islamophobia is a frantic move to frighten people who do not know about Islam and to hide the real truth about Islam. Pick up the Quran and read it first if you wish to understand Islam. Then speak, either against or for Islam. Never be misled by people who do not understand Islam. Find those who understand and love Islam and learn from them.

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