Friday, 10 June 2011


This year I learned a new Arabic word, wazifa. What is wazifa? Wazifa is the Sufi practice of reciting and meditating on some or all of the 99 names of Allah. What and how to recite wazifa depends on the approach or the way (tariqat) of a group of sufi followers. There are many sufi groups. The popular sufi groups in Malaysia today are Ahmadiyah. There are a few Tijaniyya in Terengganu. There is hardly any Tijaniyya in Kelantan. Most ustaz prefer to take a bit here and there from many tariqat to teach the mass. As I was informed by Affandi, there is no such thing as pure tariqat Tijaniyya in Kelantan.

What is a Sufi? What is Sufism? The English word equivalent is Philosophy and the root word is sufi. The Western concept of Philosophy could have arisen from the Arabic Falsafah (Malay, falsafah or falasafah).

We all have a name and some have nicknames. Why does Allah have 99 names? What are the 99 names of Allah? Why only 99 and not exactly 100? Where can we find the 99 names of Allah? What do the names indicate or want us to think about? Do the 99 names indicate the attributes of Allah? What are the attributes? Why does Allah have attributes and not a physical presence? Is Allah is virtual and without physical dimensions? I don't know. Why don't you tell me?



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