Saturday, 9 July 2011

Amana Rasul

This is a collection of recitations of the Quran: Surah al-Fatihah, Ayat al-Kursi (from Surah al-Baqarah), Surah al-Ikhlas, Surah al-Falaq and Surah an-Nas. These are very useful recitations and serve a lot of purpose. Memorise and recite them all the time when you have time, when you are going to sleep, when you are healthy, when you are sick, just keep reciting them. Just follow the recitation, then look them up in the Quran and then look up their translations or meanings. If you are human, then these recitations will make sense to you. It will keep reminding you who created you and why you are here, for what purpose and where you are heading. You need to be very intelligent to understand the deeper meanings of these Quranic recitations. This is food for the brain, not something to take lightly. These are serious readings from our own Creator. If you can read this text, be thankful you have eyesight, and listen to the recitations, then cry and be thankful for what you are! Treat others as humans, not as animals. Every human needs to be dignified, and not be treated as anything lower than a human. Skin colours are mm deep and cannot tell whether one human in better than the other. It is how the heart feels and sympathise for another human that matters and this, only Allah knows what is in the hearts of all humans, you and me.

Quran recitations of the Surah & Ayat listed above


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