Saturday, 27 August 2011

Children and Al-Quran

Children are fast learners. They can hear and listen well. They can memorise and recite well. Listen to them recite al-Quran.

Surah Ad-Dhuha

First Post (27 Aug 2011)

We have not scientifically recorded and put forth child recitations for the scientists to see. We have not used the Arabic alphabets as a standard for speech in assessing child speech. We have always resorted to the English alphabets (ABC).

In my opinion, the Muslim child learns the Arabic alphabets first and reads some Surah from al-Quran even before he/she goes to school. The English alphabet is secondary to the Muslim child who had heard the Arabic alphabets first.

A Muslim child is able to read and memorise lines of a Surah (eg al-Fatihah) faster than speak a line of English. Both Arabic and English are foreign languages to most Asian children.

Second Post (10 Sept 2011)

This is an update of my first post on children reading/memorising al-Quran. This site tells you what Surah children are taught and can/must memorise, given their plastic and powerful brains. Grade 10 would be what age? Age 12?

"Memorising of Quraan is only done on the last Juz (30th Para – Amma Para) but if a student has completed his/her Juz Amma, then there is room for memorising of other surahs. Surahs Yaaseen, Mulk and Sajdah are usually memorised around Grade 10 before completion of entire Juz Amma."
More at Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat


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