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Maqasid Al-Quran

My notes for today. I could not write properly as the conversation today was very fast paced. There are many parts which I had missed.

TV9, 24 August 2011, 7 am-8 am: Maqasid Al-Quran (Bhg 2)

All humans need Hidayah

Without Hidayah, we die. We die if without Allah

That’s why we pray 17 times a day “Ih dinas siratal mustakim...” (Surah Al-Fatihah)

We live according to the Rules of Allah (berlandaskan syariat Allah)

Hidayah is repeated 316 times in al-Quran

Allah wants us to be reminded of Him

Without Hidayah we commit a lot of sins

What is Hidayah?

Hidayah = Huda, hadya, hidayatan, hidyah, yahdi (Arabic)

Opposite of Hidayah = dolla, dollalun (sesat, misled)

Hidayah – to show subtly (menunjuk secara halus)

To come out of darkness to light = hidayah

Hidayah is makrifatul haq ... – to know the right (yang benar/hak) and practise it (beramal dengannya)

Question: How do we give awareness to the community that al-Quran is not limited to ustaz?

Answer: Al-Quran is not limited to ustaz but for all of us. Al-Quran says “Ya aiyunnas, ... Ya aiyu hallazi na aamanu...(there is one more that was mentioned)..” Now we have Tafsir al-Quran. We have to do Tadabur al-Quran. Why haven’t we done Tadabur al-Quran?

Question: Kalimah hijaban mastura as found in al-Quran. What does “dinding yang tertutup” mean?

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Answer: Surah Israk Ayat 45. Apabila kamu membaca al-Quran... “Suatu dinding yang tertutup rapat”. Orang beriman ada Iman drp Allah. Orang kafir tak ada Iman drp Allah. We feel it inside. We get Taufik and Hidayah from Allah, via reading al-Quran. It separates us from the non believers.

Hidayah is important to us just like our food and drink. Rasulullah s.a.w. spread Islam to give us Hidayah. “Serulah kpd kaum keluarga mu yang terdekat..” to get them out from darkness to light. Hidayah is not the ownership of Rasulullah s.a.w. but Allah. His uncle didn’t want to convert to Islam and the Rasulullah s.a.w. cried. Allah gives Hidayah, not Rasulullah s.a.w. We must work to get Hidayah from Allah. We get it from studying al-Quran.

Some people say “I have Hidayah” but of course his wife is Hidayah! This is not what we want. We want Hidayah from Allah. Some people live beside a masjid or surau but they don’t even know the masjid or surau fence. They don’t even go to masjid or surau.

Question: Why Muslims do Amalan in Ramadhan only and don’t do anything after that?

Answer: Ramadhan is a transformation. We can manage time well in Ramadhan. We arrive at the masjid on time in Ramadhan but not in other months. Why? Yusof Qardawi said: Whoever beribadat in Ramadhan because of Ramadhan, it will end when Ramadhan ends. If you do it for Allah SWT, then there is no end for Ibadat till we die.

Question: First was Ayat Al-A’laq, which was the last Ayat?

Answer: Al-A’laq was the first ayat, last was Ayat Islam Madinah (this last ayat was ijmak ulama)

5 Types of HidayahHidayatul Ilham al-Fitri
Hidayatul Hawaz
Hidayatul Akal
Hidayatud Din
Hidayatul Ma’una wat Taufik

Hidayatul Ilham al-Fitri (Ilham Fitrah)
When we were born, we cried then breastfed. Who taught this? Allah SWT. This is Hidayah from Allah. Even animals feed from their own mothers and not other mothers. We feed fish to our cats and our cats eat the fish in front of us. On other days, we buy fish from the market and the cats steal our fish but eat it far away from us as even cats know the stolen fish is “haram”. This is Hidayah.

Hidayatul Hawaz (Hidayah Pancaindera)

From the senses – eyes, touch, smell, etc. Some animals have better senses. Eagles have sharp vision and can spot their prey from very far.

Hidayatul Akal
Allah gives us akal. It differentiates us from Fitri and Hawaz and animals. We can be like animals if we don’t use our brain. We show you 2 paths – to be thankful (bersyukur) or not (tak bersyukur) and be misled and commit sins. Allah asks of us to do good (kebaikan). Why do you want to do bad deeds (kejahatan)? Don’t you have brains? Don’t you read al-Quran?

Question: How to keep Hidayah permanently?

Answer: We want to keep Hidayah permanently. How? Istiqamah. Keep doing Amal Ibadat not only for this Ramadhan but after Ramadhan too till we meet the next Ramadhan. Do good deeds and read Quran etc. Do not stop good deeds. Do not keep al-Quran and only bring it down at the next Ramadhan (“Nuzul Quran”).

Question: Can Hidayah be inherited (diwarisi)?

Answer: If Hidayah can be inherited, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. would have given it to his uncle, etc. No, Hidayah cannot be inherited. But we believe that if our ancestors are Muslims, we remain Muslims. We must have Iman and Taqwa. Not like some of us, Iman and Taqwa have disappeared altogether. When we befriend non Muslims, we can do dakwah and invite them to Islam. We give dakwah and not wait for ustaz. It is our combined duty to do dakwah.

Question: Hidayah does not reach many people because al-Quran is unheard and we are not taught Arabic. Imam Shafie said Arabic is wajib. How now?

Answer: Now we have facilities as Al-Quran is translated. Don’t we have time for reading al-Quran? So we must set time for it, to read and understand it. It may be difficult at first but with time it becomes easy. So we must make an effort (budaya).

Question: Long term plan (what?). Can you elaborate on the different mazhab and (what?)...

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Answer: We must hold to Ijmak Ulama. Else whom do we hold on to? Here in Malaysia we hold on to Mazhab Imam Shafie.

Hidayatud Din
Even with akal, sometimes we do right or wrong. Hidayatud Din is Islam. Allah opens the hearts of certain people to give this Hidayatud Din and people become Muslims. Non Muslims also receive Hidayatud Din and they become Muslims. People who don’t like to study later become studious also get Hidayatud Din. We should always be thankful (bersyukur).

Hidayatul Ma’una wat Taufik
Hidayah from Allah and His Help. Allah guides us in this life till we reach syurga in the next life. InsyaAllah we get this. This is for dunia and akhirat life. They say syukur to Allah, they say “Alhamdulillah ...”. Even when we are placed in syurga, we will still be saying Alhamdulillah. When we get Taufik and Hidayah till we enter syurga, this is Hidayatul Ma’una wat Taufik.

Question: Should we be rushed (terburu2) to find Hidayah or search for it?

Answer: Hidayah doesn’t come by itself. It needs effort (usaha, kasbi). Even to marry a person named Hidayah. We get Hidayah by attending Majlis Ilmu. Then we beramal to get Hidayah from Allah. Some people ask “Why haven’t you gone for hajj?” And they replied “Belum sampai seru” as an excuse. If we want we can put in a lot of effort “Seribu usaha.” If we don’t want we can give a million excuses “Seribu daleh.”

Question: Al-Quran is Mukjizat. It has logic. How do we study it to get this?

Answer: The pearl (mutiara) in al-Quran is unlimited. We get different pearls for studying al-Quran. Syed Qutub was not an ustaz but he could write about al-Quran. We must read al-Quran and understand it and expand on it by reading Tafsiran. That is how we get results from lessons in al-Quran. Surah Al Kahfi: Allah’s Knowledge never dries up even if the seas dried up. There will be other seas. We must try to get Hidayatul Ma’una wat Taufik so Allah keeps us in Iman, Taufik and Hidayah. So we die in Iman and get Khusnul Khatimah. A life in the realm of al-Quran is very lovely when we are guided by Allah’s Rules, Knowledge, Bounty etc.




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