Thursday, 29 March 2012

Human Genes and Inheritance

RTM TV1 showed a documentary from Queens, USA about genetic inheritance of all human beings. It was an experiment to demonstrate to the people of Queens that we are all related as one big family. A strange thing though, is how we can easily tell people were are from the same ancestor.

First, there were initially 5 groups of people, 2 groups mixed and there were 4 groups. From the 4 groups, 2 groups mixed and 3 groups were left. From the 3, 2 groups mixed and there were 2 groups. In the end the 2 groups mixed and they all became one - the human ancestor that had all our genes today.

Another strange thing is, everybody wants to be related to the other and others. So coming together made everybody happy. There was only one direction for mixing - by coming together.

Another strange thing is a Muslim can have the genes of an ancestor Jew! Of course that man affected did not believe the experiment was right but went along as it was just an experiment.

Another strange thing was a black African American (Negro) had white ancestor genes! Of course he didn't believe it as he had dark skin. 

I believe that genetic and human experiments in trying to prove that we all come from Adam are not done properly by people who have interests in the Creation of Man. There are so many flaws in the design and also in the demonstrations that I find it hard to believe that 'educated people' in the USA can swallow it whole, only to realise that there are a lot of inherent flaws even at the outset.

Not designing human experiments properly and trying to prove Creation of Woman from Man (ie from Adam), and subsequently others etc is not so easy. If it was that easy, then everyone would be Muslim (even from the first man) as there is only one Creator - Allah SWT. And also that first man was a Muslim. He must have a faith and have obedience to his Creator. How did we come to have so many beliefs today when there should be (correctly) only one? Which one? The one that mentions the name of the Creator for each intention and action. Which is that one religion? Islam.


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