Friday, 18 May 2012

Taubatan Nasuha

What is Taubatan Nasuha?

Simply put, it is a repentance and a promise made upon self realisation when one comes to terms with the truth. It is partly a result of deep thinking, thinking thoroughly through what one has gone through and what life will be in future. It means re-setting one's direction in life, and this time, setting it on a course as desirous according to the tenets of the religion - Islam. It is not something one plays around with. It is a promise to consciously do things right once again and with a new outlook on life, for the rest of one's life. It gives hope, a better hope for leading a better and more meaningful life. The bad life and all its relations, links, associations and objects are left behind and not spoken of anymore. It is saying Good-bye to a dreaded past. It welcomes a new chapter in life. It gives a second chance to living again. It means leading a new life in a good way.

When is the Taubatan Nasuha made?

Taubatan Nasuha is unplanned but it does push one towards it. When all things don't work right, when all things fail, when you get cheated left and right, that's when you try to look for a safe place to live, and that's when the heart says, repent and do Taubatan Nasuha. This is a silent dead moment where everything comes to a standstill. It is like all the angels come to listen to your decision. It is not easy to reach this repentance and moment of truth unless you are alone. It doesn't come when you are in a crowd. It comes and you have to decide what to do with your life. When you decide to turn a new leaf, and live cleanly, that's Taubatan Nasuha - not to ever go down the wrong path again. To learn to say No to a lot of things which previously you have said Yes. It will take some time to adjust but right that minute you decide to become a better person, you see a totally different dimension. You become the best person and personality you can ever be. There's always a charm about a decision that is correct. It makes the heart happy and at peace.



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