Thursday, 5 July 2012

Let the Chinese lead Islam

I was reading Haji Ann Wan Seng's book, 'Biar Orang Cina Pimpin Islam' (2011).
ISBN 978-967-361-015-0

Haji Ann Wan Seng brought up the misconceptions, problems and unhappiness faced by the Chinese:

  1. They are discriminated when they convert to Islam
  2. They are not led on the right path after conversion; nobody helps them after conversion
  3. They are forced to change their names but they want to keep their Chinese names
  4. They have to resemble the Malays as only the Malay ways are considered Islamic
  5. They have to eat Malay menu
  6. They must break-off from their non-Muslim families
  7. They cannot return to their non-Muslim families
  8. They have to let go of their Chinese culture
  9. They are all one and the same
  10. They are enemies of Islam.
Haji Ann Wan Seng also brought up the matter about the Chinese:
  1. The Prophet sent a team to preach to the Chinese
  2. The Chinese were very close to Islam; Islam looked up to the Chinese
  3. The Prophet mentioned to look at the Chinese or learn from them
  4. The Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) was a great Muslim; his family was Muslim
  5. Cheng Ho was revered by the Chinese that they even built his statues and worshipped him
  6. The Chinese are hardworking, sensitive, helpful and caring but they get hurt easily by the Malays
  7. The Chinese are scared of the Muslim people and Islam
  8. The Chinese believe in anything but they have no proper understanding about the one true god
  9. The Chinese follow the beliefs of their ancestors without understanding it and therefore they don't have faith; culture and heritage are more important to the Chinese.
  10. The Chinese are analytical and will wait and see and analyse before they will decide to do anything
Haji Ann Wan Seng suggested many steps for the Malays and the Muslims to befriend the Chinese:
  1. Visit China
  2. Preach tactfully to the Chinese
  3. Demonstrate to the Chinese what the real Islam is
  4. Do not upset and scare the Chinese
  5. Be friendly to the Chinese and accept them
  6. Learn how the Chinese became successful in everything
  7. Treasure the Chinese
  8. Let the Chinese Muslim people lead Islam
  9. Let the Chinese Muslim people bring back the glory of Islam
  10. Let the Chinese Muslim people change this world for the better - peace


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