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Lailatul Qadar

From Radio Kelantan FM 97.0 on 10 August 2012, 10.30 am
by Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz Yahya.

Lailatul Qadar has 20 names. It marks the height of pahala in Ramadan, like a bonanza. We have to find it in Ramadan. People feel it is the night and have communicated its character.

What are the signs of Lailatul Qadar? Tanda-tanda Lailatul Qadar:
  1. It occurs on 27th Ramadan
  2. People checked the seawater - it tastes like freshwater and not salty on that night
  3. Can't see much of its signs on that night, even the dog howls at night
  4. The ibadat that night is comel (perfect)
  5. The night is sunyi sepi (very quiet), tenang (calm), bercahaya (moonlit), can't see the stars as the moonlight is so bright
  6. Not necessary you must see an object and then it is that night
  7. The following day has no cahaya (no strong sunshine) and is not hot as the malaikat descend and rise in their millions that even the sunshine can't reach the earth.
  8. Rasulullah SAW cried as he was worried about his Ummat but Lailatul Qadar is a special night for the blessings of Allah SWT for his Creations
  9. There are so many malaikat (angels) that they pack this world, sampai sesak dengan malaikat.
  10. The best prayer (doa) will those carried up by these angels to Allah SWT and His Blessings brought down by the angels to humans who begged for Allah's Blessings.
  11. Which night is Lailatul Qadar? 21st? 27th? Which night is it? Nobody knows exactly.
  12. Ramadan is bulan ibadat and not bulan adat. We must try and find this Lailatul Qadar.
  13. Night is when we should search for Lailatul Qadar.
  14. Lailatul Qadar has 9 huruf (letters), times 3 = 27. Therefore, the entire Arabia does Qiamullail on 27th Ramadan.
  15. So how do we find this special night? We have to clean our hearts first and then we will be able to find Lailatul Qadar.
  1. If we know that night is Lailatul Qadar, what is our amalan for that night?
  2. Answer: Allah SWT makes Lailatul Qadar a secret and we have to search for it. The night is special, the time is special, nobody knows what object it is linked to. If humans are told the exact time, we will only doa at that time only and not doa at other times. If we are told of our time of death, we will do bad things all the time and do good things near the time of our death. If He tells us his special name, we will only say that name. So Allah hides the exact time of Lailatul Qadar and wants us to seek it instead. It is towards the end of Ramadan, on odd nights. So we must use all our energy towards the end of Ramadan to do ibadat to obtain this Lailatul Qadar in the last few nights of Ramadan. There is no Surah except for Surah Al-Qadar that tells of this special night. It tells about the Qur'an was brought down on the night of Lailatul Qadar. It is better than 1,000 months. If we pray 2 rakaat that night, it will be better, likened to 2 rakaat for 1,000 months. It is a night that Allah SWT gives value to the night and we get 1,000 months of all good tidings (equivalent to ~83 years of blessings) in advance. Only Ummat Nabi Muhammad SAW gets this blessing and heads all the previous Ummat. We are actually lagging behind compared to the previous Ummat who were more obedient to Allah SWT compared to us now. We are so lazy to do ibadat to Allah SWT and so we lose out, so we really need the blessings of the night of Lailatul Qadar so we can be at par with the previous Ummat. 
  3. Answer: We must regret our past actions, cry some tears and we get hairs standing (bulu remang). But when we feel this hairs stand, we must not tell others of Allah's Blessing for us. Read a lot of Qur'an, especially Ayatul Qursi and Surah Al-Qadar. Do a  lot of solat sunat, doesn't matter what, just do any of the solat sunat, keep doing and hope for Allah's Blessings. Read a lot of doa as they will be answered if it is Lailatul Qadar. Read the doa taught by Rasulullah SAW - Ya Allah Engkaulah Pengampun, Maka ampunilah aku.
  4. Hope we all get this Lailatul Qadar.

Qur'an was brought down on Lailatul Qadar.
Q&A (by another ustaz)
  1. What is meant by 83 years 4 months?
  2. Answer: 1. If we say La ila hailallah that night .... Allah SWT will forgive our sins for the first kalimah. This kalimah is very special on Lailatul Qadar. 2. We get syurga for the second kalimah. 3. We get....?
  3. First, Allah SWT gives His Rahmat for the dead. All the dead will rise and return to their homes and watch what their families do at home. The dead are hoping for doa for them from their children. They will be sad if they see their children just watching TV or just eating away on the night of Lailatul Qadar.
  4. Second, Allah SWT gives His Rahmat to humans who are still alive. 
  5. Third, the fairies in heaven (bidadari syurga) get to see their future husbands - men who do solat on the night of Lailatul Qadar. These men will get their fairy wives in heaven.
  6. Fourth, what will Allah SWT give us? Answer: Allah SWT will look at us with much love and our hairs will stand.
  7. The archangel Jibril has 600 wings but only 2 are open on Lailatul Qadar.

People who do not get Lailatul Qadar
  1. Sinful (orang berdosa)
  2. Those who break relationships (putuskan silatrurrahim)
  3. Those who fight or remain hostile for endless periods


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