Saturday, 25 August 2012


These are belated notes as I didn't have time to type the notes when I listened to Radio Kelantan. So these are recalled notes and they may not be as good as what I listened to. Anyway, this is just for sharing.

Notes about the month of Syawal / Shawal:
  1. Ask for the Blessings of Allah in Syawal
  2. The Blessings of Allah come down in Syawal
  3. Something was created in Syawal - Heaven? Earth? First human (Nabi Adam a.s.)?
  4. Celebrate Syawal, after Ramadan
  5. Give money/aid to the poor; do not be afraid to give (the reward is in the Hereafter/Akhirat)
  6. Visit everyone/relatives and share the goodness of Syawal
  7. Maintain silaturrahim and not break family ties
  8. There is a lot of Barakah in Syawal, so doa and do good deeds
  9. Fast an additional 6 days in Syawal to patch and perfect the fasting that was done in Ramadan


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