Friday, 5 October 2012

Hari Jumaat (Friday)

Source: Radio IKIM, 5 October 2012, 9.15 am, Ustaz Khairil Anwar Salleh, Timbalan Nadir, Masjid At-Taqwa, Selayang Baru, Selangor.

Hari Jumaat / Friday - FAQ Solat Jumaat
  1. Say a lot of Selawat on Friday as for every Selawat, Nabi Muhammad SAW will answer our Selawat, and Allah returns 10 Selawat to us. Nabi Muhammad SAW will spread (bentang) our Selawat at Akhirat.
  2. Men congregate for Friday prayer/Solat Jumaat - look at your brethren on your right and on your left. It leads to kasih mahabbah (deep sense of love of your brethren).
  3. When we hear SAW, we must say SAW (Salallahu'alaihiwasallam) as that is Selawat to Nabi Muhammad SAW.
  4. Mengimarakkan masjid - How to imarakkan Selawat at masjid?
  5. Meraikan Hari Jumaat - For Muslims, our Hari Raya also includes Hari Jumaat. We must wear clean and fresh clothes with fragrance on Friday.
  6. How do we know our life is berkat? When we have a little, we are still happy with life. That is berkat.
  7. Khutbah Jumaat (Friday sermon) - We must take lessons from the Friday sermon.
  8. Selawat Syifa' - It does not matter what Selawat it is, so long as we say Selawat to Nabi Muhammad SAW, is ok.
  9. Husnul Khotimah - blessed death on a Friday. Every Muslim wants to die on a Friday in order to avoid seksa kubur (the pains in the grave).
  10. Don't go the the mosque and sleep during Friday sermon. Sleep 10 minutes at home first, and then come early to the mosque to listen to the Friday sermon.
  11. Masalah khailulah - take a short nap before we wake up and feel fresh to go for Friday prayer
  12. Many women go shopping on Friday since there are less men at the shopping centres on Friday. They don't make good use of Friday. Friday is a special day, with a special time that our prayer is answered. Look for this special time on Friday - end of Asar and just before Maghrib - this is waktu mujarrab doa.
  13. The content of Friday sermon is sometimes boring and makes us sleepy. Is there a way to overcome this boredom? The text must be carefully prepared by whoever is going to deliver the sermon (Khatib). For many states, Friday is a working day and people are rushing or tired. For other states, Friday is a holiday and people are more relaxed when they come for Friday prayer. Muslims must take note that they are praying to Allah SWT and must be serious about it.
  14. Selawat pada waktu Asar-Maghrib, pada Hari Jumaat - afdal. Best to Selawat between Asar and Maghrib on Friday.
  15. Solat Sunat Tahiyyatul Masjid - people are talking and making noise in the mosque while others want to perform the Solat Sunat. How to prevent this noise problem in the mosque? People who are buying-selling outside the mosque perimeter must try to reduce the noise. When the azan (call for prayer) is sounded, they should stop buying-selling and go for Friday sermon and then prayer. Do not continue to buy and sell when the azan is sounded. Leave everything and go for Friday prayer. 
  16. People not paying attention but playing Facebook while Khatib berkhutbah, giving sermon. The Solat Jumaat is sah but there is no pahala for the Friday prayer as the sermon was not listened to attentively. People must pay attention to what the Khatib is saying up front and not play with their gadgets during the Friday sermon.
  17. Reading a prayer for our authority - Can we read doa for our ruler? 
  18. Can we Amin-kan such doa in between the prayer lines? Or do we wait till the end and then say 'Amin' to close the prayer?
  19. Must we hold up our hands to read our prayer? Khatib - no need to raise hands when reading doa; we can raise our hands while Khatib is reading a prayer.
  20. Intonation - what tone should we use to read doa? Use a good tone to pray to Allah SWT.
  21. Saf - the rows are not straight while we know 'luruskan saf' is required for congregational prayer. We should take lessons from Nabi Muhammad SAW, to straighten the rows of men for prayer. Every man should know he must stand in line and the row must be straight, and not haphazard.
  22. Sedekah
  23. Belajar ilmu - eg Khutbah Jumaat
  24. Read Al-Quran - Surah Al-Kahfi (can read at night or day, doesn't matter)
  25. Bathe before going for Solat Jumaat
  26. Go to the mosque early
  27. This could be our last Friday, we don't know.


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