Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mengapa Rasulullah SAW Tidak Mudah Sakit

Mengapa Rasulullah Tidak Mudah Sakit
by Asadullah Al-Faruq
Published by Kemilau Publika Sdn Bhd (
Printed by Mihas Grafik Sdn Bhd, Selangor
145 pages
ISBN 978-967-361-056-3
Font: Adobe Garamond Pro 12/15

This book tells about how Prophet Muhammad SAW maintained his health and remained healthy throughout his life. This is a good book written by a young Indonesian writer, maybe about age 30. The Malay language is modified to fit our Bahasa Malaysia and is easy to read. However, there was one paragraph I couldn't understand at all - it was still in the original Bahasa Indonesia. I don't know what it said or what it was about. Sometimes I wonder how come our languages are regarded as similar when they are greatly different.

Good points about this book:

  • colourful cover (front and back)
  • Kufi calligraphy
  • B/W images of Hitler, man sujud, water splash close-up, Tok Guru close-up, ayat al-Qur'an close-up, child on dental chair being attended to, habbatus sauda, little girl & elder sister tempted into eating a big doughnut, men sat close together and eating together, crowd at buffet, Arabic/Middle East man lying down peacefully on sofa (2 photos), man all curled up and sleeping on the street, old bearded man sleeping on a bench in the park, making a love sign with 2 hands with the sun shining in the background, akad nikah scene, hands of a married couple (with his and hers rings), the bride kisses her husband, clasping the female hand with her ring showing, close-up of men standing in prayer, men performing sujud in congregational prayer, women clad in telekung in the female prayer section, little boy in Malay clothes performing ablution at the many taps, adults eating from plates with their right hand, palms held together containing 8 coins, family dining together at a big dining table, man giving sedekah to a frail old lady who sat by the street handed her empty container and looking up at him, stethoscope, model of heart, 3D heart and blood supply, men holding up their hands while reading doa, female holding up a small open al-Quran with tasbih behind the Qur'an, man offering prayer in front of Kaabah, close-up of several tasbih, man in prayer reading tahiyat akhir, close-up of habbatus sauda, close-up of bees and honeycomb, close-up of bekam in progress with the glass bells drawing blood (no blood seen, 2 photos), filled air zamzam bottles lined up, close-up of air zamzam bottle, dialysis in progress showing tubes near wrist
  • white text highlighted in Bold within black diamond shapes
  • big numerals
  • 2-column text layout
  • small header text (lovely)
  • pagination: white numbers appear upon black squares at the top of each page
  • Big Bold titles
  • Capitalised Bold first letter
  • Uses SAW in Jawi, very clear and crisp (very good)
  • Jawi text is fine, crisp and clear
  • Sub-heading is Bold and each word is capitalised
  • citation uses # as superscripts
  • footnotes


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