Monday, 17 December 2012

Muslims Being Muslims

The best way to spread Islam is by being Muslims for life. Islam was never spread by the sword but by its beauty. To know what the real Islam is, pick up the Quran to read and then ask yourself what is the truth about Islam and your existence. Who created you? Who created your father? Who created your mother? Who created your brothers and sisters? Who created night and day? Who created rain and shine? Who created our Earth and the universe? Whom can we turn to when everything goes wrong and makes you empty? You turn to Allah SWT, the Creator.

We all know that when they pointed fingers at Virgin Mary and said she had sinned and got pregnant, her own infant Jesus spoke to save his mother, to honour his mother. Jesus himself taught and spread Islam.

Please read the Quran to get the real truth. Read the stories of our ancient past and all the prophets in the Quran. The Quran honours all the prophets and the Virgin Mary. Islam was the religion of the first man, Adam.


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