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Maulidur Rasul 2013

There was a good talk on radio last night but I did not have time to write down notes. It talked about the difference in years between Prophet Adam and Prophet Ibrahim, and between Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

I will write the notes for today's talk on Maulidur Rasul, 25 January 2013. This talk was aired on Radio Kelantan FM at 10 am. The invited speaker was Ustaz Haji Abdul Aziz Yahya.

There were 500 fathers between Prophet Adam and Abdullah, Prophet Muhammad's SAW father. Prophet Muhammad SAW inherited the Y-chromosome of Abdullah, who in turn inherited it from his forefathers, and they all inherited their Y-chromosome from the first man, Prophet Adam. Thus, we are all related as human beings.

Rabiul Awal

What is Rabiul Awal? In the year he was born, Rabiul Awal was spring time in Arabia. Prophet Muhammad SAW was born in the spring time, a time when desert flowers bloomed, a time to celebrate, a happy time after the cold season had gone. 

For Malaysia and countries in the northern hemisphere, spring would approximately be in February, March April. Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc would have a lot of flowers. Each country would celebrate some sort of spring festival. Pasadena celebrates the Tournament of Roses Parade on either 1st or 2nd January annually. Malaysia celebrates the Floria and other flower parades. In the southern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand celebrate their spring season in August, September, and October.

The Celebration of Maulidur Rasul

Is the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW something to celebrate? Was it ever celebrated? 

Yes, we celebrate the birth of a most noble person who ever lived on Earth. We celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW just as his people did when he was born. 

His birth was long awaited by those who knew about him from other books before the Quran. 

They waited night and day on the day of his much awaited birth (according to Maliki).

His birth was celebrated and was a joyous one.

He was the most beloved baby/person/individual/man/Rasul and Allah loved him most (Habibullah).

As a baby, he sneezed and said Alhamdulillah, and the angels (malaikat) replied Yarhamkallah. He could speak as a baby.

It is Makruh to fast on Prophet Muhammad's birthday because it is meant to be a happy day, like Hari Raya, a joyful day.

Are we grateful to have Prophet Muhammad SAW?

Yes. We are grateful for his birth and to have him as our leader. 

He is the leader of our Muslim people, our Ummah. 

We inherited from him his principles of Ummaton Wasoto. 

What is Ummaton Wasoto?

Ummaton Wasoto means a united mass, a united people, a united Ummah. Not only that, but a united people who live by a code of rules and conduct.

Wasoto is related to the term Wasatiah which means average or middle path. We must be Wasatiah, ie, lead an average life, not to be super rich and not to live in abject poverty. 

Wasoto is related to the word Wusta or Wusto, which means #1. 

We are an Ummah that is Terbilang, Teragong, top notch, etc. 

We are not a mass of junkies who can be kicked around. We are principled human beings. 

We have chosen "Ummaton Wasoto" for this year's theme for celebrating Maulidur Rasul.

What are the characteristics of Wasaton?

Transliteration: Kuntum ...

Makna: Dan adalah kamu Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW sebaik-baik Umat daripada Adam hingga akhir zaman.

Ciri-ciri, sifat kamu ... sentiasa menyuruh benda baik yang Allah suruh, menjauhi dan mencegah benda mungkar.

What are the characteristics of Ummaton Wasaton?

  1. Rendah diri sesama mukmin (humble to fellow Muslims). Tawaduk sesama kita.
  2. Izat terhadap kufar. Tegas terhadap orang kafir. Stern with non Muslims. Not compromising.
  3. Akhlak mulia (akhlak mukminin)
  4. -
  5. Ukhwah (persaudaraan). Transliteration: Innamal mukminun wa ukhwaton
  6. Memaafkan orang yang buat zalim kepada kita
  7. Lemah lembut
  8. Cermat (thrifty)
  9. Memelihara marwah orang lain


Use Wasatiah for a united people (teras perpaduan Ummah). We are a fulcrum.

The best Ummah is that of Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Even the angel Gabriel (Jibril) wanted to be Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.

When Prophet Moses (Nabi Musa) looked at Luh Mahfuz, there was someone who could give syafaat to a group of people, this was Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW. So he too wanted to be Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Islam the Religion

What is Islam?
  1. It is not an individualistic religion. It is a religion of a mass.
  2. It is not a hostile religion. It is a religion that calls to unite (khair ummah).
  3. Islam makes a person better.
  4. Islam is a diplomatic religion that wants to make friends.
  5. Islam was brought to Earth via Nabi Muhammad SAW. He was the messenger of Allah (Rasulullah).

Rahmatan lil Alamin
  1. Mercy for the mass (Rahmatan lil ummatan)
  2. Mercy that is specific for Umat Nabi Muhammad SAW, the best Umat.
  3. Nabi Muhammad SAW came with much love for all.

Prophet Moses (Nabi Musa)
  1. He was known as Kalimullah (he could speak directly with Allah SWT).
  2. The satan (syaitan) wanted to repent (taubat) and asked Prophet Moses to ask Allah for forgiveness. Prophet Moses spoke to Allah SWT. Allah SWT asked satan to prostrate to the grave of Prophet Adam. The satan angrily refused. The angry satan said he would never prostrate to Adam. So the satan never repented.

People at Doomsday (Umat Semasa Akhirat)

There will be 3 categories of people.
  1. People who do good deeds (orang yang buat kebajikan) (Sabikul khairat)
  2. People who do good deeds but not like the Sunat (Gulungan Muktasib)
  3. People who are cruel (kutuk orang termasuk menzalimi diri sendiri) (Zalimun fi nafsih). This 3rd group will need Syafaat from Nabi Muhammad SAW. Without Syafaat Nabi Muhammad SAW, they end up in Hell for good.

Selawat for Nabi (Selawat Kepada Nabi)

What does "Selawat kepada Nabi" mean? It means we read doa for Nabi Muhammad SAW. How does the doa sound like? It sounds like this:

Transliteration: Salallah hu alan Nabi. Salallah hu alai hi wasallam

Why must we say Selawat for Nabi?

Allah SWT also Selawat for Nabi.

Transliteration: Innalah hawamalah iwakatuh .... na alan Nabi .... taslima.

Makna: Sesungguhnya Allah nak khabar, malaikat yang ramai, sentiasa selawat kepada Nabi.

Nabi mendapat Selawat daripada Allah SWT, malaikat dan manusia.

Transliteration: Ya ayuhan na amanu u sollu na alan Nabi

Makna: Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, selawatlah ke atas Nabi.

Kita juga selawat ke atas Nabi dalam solat, menunjukkan betapa tingginya kedudukan Baginda Rasulullah.
  • Fi Rasulullah - kepada Nabi
  • Ummaton Wasaton - Umat yang dimuliai Allah SWT

Why do we have to follow the Prophet blindly (kenapa kena ikut Nabi bulat-bulat/Iktirof kepada Rasulullah)?

We have to follow Prophet Muhammad SAW for many reasons.
  1. His brain was washed clean by Allah SWT. Allah mensucikan akal Nabi Muhammad SAW. Surah An-Najmi Ayat 2: tiada sekali sesat atau tergelincir. All his thoughts are clear and fine.
  2. His body and tongue have been cleansed by Allah SWT. Everything Nabi says is Wahyu (divine words of Allah SWT). Surah An-Najmi Ayat 3.
  3. His heart was cleansed by Alllah SWT. Surah An-Najmi Ayat 11. Tiada dusta. The Prophet Muhammad SAW spoke the truth and never lied. His heart was cleansed twice, once when he was a little boy when he was nursed by Halimatus Saadiah, and another at the time of Israk & Mikraj, so he could ascend to the 7th skies to meet with Allah SWT.
  4. His akhlak is praised by Allah SWT in the Quran. Akhlak Nabi Muhammad sangat agung, lautan kesempurnaan akhlaknya tiada batas, tiada dimensi, tiada dinding, dan tidak dapat ditandingi. Allah calls to Nabi Muhammad by his high status/station and not by his name. Allah SWT  calls the other prophets by name, eg Ya Adam, Ya Ibrahim, Ya Zakaria, Ya Yahya. But Allah SWT calls to Nabi Muhammad SAW in a special way: Ya ayuhan Nabi, Ya ayuhar Rasul. Allah SWT looks after the heart of Nabi Muhammad SAW so he does not feel sad. So we too must act in such ways that will not make our Great Prophet sad. Allah jaga hati Nabi supaya tak sedih. Jangan buat Nabi kita sedih. 

Kita kena jaga akhlak dan jadi model contoh, ikut Rasulullah. Inilah Ummaton Wasaton. Dengan cara begini kita bangunkan Tamadun Islam. 

We must become good models ourselves as the Prophet had shown his ways (Sunnah) and which is mentioned in the Quran. Then only we become Ummatan Wasaton and then only can we bring about this Islamic Civilisation we want. 

Ummaton Wasaton cannot come without change in all of us. We are all responsible to create that change and make this world a better place for all. If we leave things to others and wait and hope endlessly, nothing will change for the better. The contrary will happen and then it will be too late to return to do any good. So we start now and not wait. Waiting does us no good. This is the real Islam.

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