Friday, 10 May 2013


Handling insults on the Prophet

How a Khaleefah responds to kuffar insulting Prophet Muhammad:

In the time of the Khilafah, when the Islamic aqeedah was attacked, the Khaleefah acted in a very different manner. We can contrast the inaction of our rulers with the firm and severe response of Sultan Abdul Hamid II who was one of the last Khulafaa’ of this Ummah. 

During his time, the French staged a play that defamed RasulAllah (saw), written by Voltaire. The French ambassador was duly summoned by the Khaleefah. The French envoy was first made to wait for a few hours. Then the Khaleefah Abdul-Hamid II came out in full battle dress. He laid a sword out in front of the envoy and they were ordered to leave. France immediately got the message and stopped the play. 

The same warning was issued to Britain; the reply was that the tickets were sold out, and banning the play would be an infringement on the freedom of its citizens. So the following edict was issued by the Khaleefah, in no unclear terms, “I will issue an edict to the Islamic Ummah declaring that Britain is attacking and insulting our Prophet. I will declare Jihad.” The British – who at the time were militarily stronger than the Khilafah – issued an official apology to the Khilafah and stopped the play. In other words, the Khilafah was not satisfied with inaction. Instead the Khilafah used diplomatic pressure to ensure that the sanctity of Islam was preserved.

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