Friday, 10 May 2013

Suez Canal

The role of Suez Canal in Muslim rule (Khilafah), trade and Hajj

The Muslim World travels and trade by sea voyages. As such it knows strategic narrow and dangerous passes. The Suez Canal belongs to 2 continents and governs global trade and shipping routes. Ships sail to Jeddah and onward to Suez Canal to Europe and vice versa.


To make a point to those that dare to insult all things dear to Muslims the Khilafah can block and bar any enemy nation of using this important waterway "THE SUEZ CANAL". Governments that support this video like USA and the UK will be barred from using this waterway whilst other nations like Mexico, Ireland, Chile, Japan etc will be allowed to use it if they have trade relations with the Khilafah. 

The Suez Canal is a very strategic tool at the disposal of the Khilafah. As the Suez Canal separates the African continent from the Asian continent. It provides the shortest maritime route between Europe and the lands lying to around the Indian ocean and Pacific oceans. It is one of the Worlds heavily used shipping lanes, if it was blocked then ships have to go all the way around the Cape of Good Hope (there won't be much good hope there but a lot of pirates waiting). 

About 80% of global seaborne trade passes through the canal. Sailing around it would add two weeks to a journey which in turn will increase price of goods like Oil and other essential commodities, which will damage economic conditions for countries like USA and UK.

This action point is not a dream rather it is reality, because when the Khilafah will be re-established it will be a superpower in the world and will have at its disposal many things that it can use as leverage to dominate and protect its interests.

Allah willing lets work for a ruling government like this so that Action point one can be implemented......

Action Point 2 coming soon...

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