Monday, 17 June 2013

10 Ways To Love Your Wife:♥

♥1. Make her feel secure; QUIT BEING AGGRESSIVE

♥2. When you go home say 'Assalamualikum­.' (Greetings) It kicks the shaitaan out of your home!

♥3. Prophet Muhammad (Sallal lahu alaihy Wasallam) described the wife as a fragile vessel and said to take care of this vessel that's fragile. Remember that there is goodness in this vessel so treat it gently.

♥4. When you advise her, do so in privacy, in a peaceful environment. NOT IN PUBLIC as its a type of slandering.

♥5. Be generous to your wife- it keeps her LOVED

♥6. Move and let her have your seat. It will warm her heart.

♥7. AVOID ANGER. HOW? Keep your wudu at all times. Prophet Muhammad (Sallal lahu alaihy Wasallam) said if you are angry, sit down, if you're sitting, then lie down. Follow the sunnah!

♥8. Look good and smell great for your wife. IT keeps the LOVE!

♥9. Don't be rigid. It will break you. Prophet Mohammed (May the blessings and the peace of Allah be upon him) said 'I am the best amongst you and I am the best to my wife'. Being rigid and harsh will not bring you close to Allah and neither does it make you more of a man.

♥10. Listen to your wife- BE a GOOD LISTENER.


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