Monday, 29 July 2013

Nuzul Quran

Why is Nuzul Quran important?

Nuzul Quran is important because it marks the beginning of human civilisation. It moved human civilisation 1000 years ahead. It connects humans to the first man, Nabi Adam a.s.

Without Nuzul Quran, we won't know civilisation; we will still be Jahiliyyah, without any form of civilisation. We will be drinking, drunk, having free sex, we will be LGBT, our families will be broken, our lives will be broken, we have nothing to base our lives upon. We won't have any principles to follow.

So Nuzul Quran comes to us to bring us a set of principles, with which we can live by and be guided in our lives. The Quran was revealed to Nabi Muhammad SAW in bits over 23 years so he too could tell his people about Islam - the basis of all civilisation, a more ordered and meaningful life. That's how great Nuzul Quran is.

The Quran was first revealed to Nabi Muhammad SAW at Gua Hirah in Jabal Nur (Mt of Light). He was by himself, finding solace in Jibrail (angel Gabriel) came to him and embraced him from behind, embraced him so hard and commanded him to read "Iqrak" but Nabi Muhammad SAW said he didn't know how to read (he was umi). Again Jibrail embraced him hard and commanded "Iqrak" and again Nabi Muhammad replied he was umi. Jibrail embraced him even harder and commanded "Iqrak" and Nabi Muhammad SAW read "Iqrak" as Jirail commanded. He followed Jibrail and read the first 5 Ayat Quran that was revealed to him via Jibrail. That was the beginning of 114 Surah that made up the Quran we have today and which will remain with us till Kiamat (the end of time).

So the Quran is very special, both in the way it was revealed to Nabi Muhammad SAW and that it has a property of being permanent, ie it cannot be tempered and nobody can temper with it. The Quran is a protected book and Allah SWT will protect His Quran, Kalamullah. So Quran will remain with us till the Earth wraps up for good and Akhirat comes.

How shall we respect the Quran? We read it all the time. We can write about it. We can learn to memorise it, partially or in its entirety. We can tell people about the Quran. That is how special the Quran is.

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