Sunday, 25 August 2013

Arabic Phrases

Arabic phrases are often used, even in social media such as Facebook. However, they tend to create uneasiness in people who don't understand Arabic and don't know what they mean. They is no ready help with regard to these rather strange sounding phrases. This post is an attempt at finding those phrases and documenting them here for sharing. It won't make you an Arabic speaker or writer, but at least you can understand the meanings of what is written and what the writers meant.


The phrase ‘b-izni Rabb’ which literally means ‘with the permission of Rabb’ refers to the suitability of the Name-composition to that particular situation.

The phrase ‘b-iznillah’ which means ‘with the permission of Allah’ can denote either of two meanings, depending on its context. That is, it either refers to the suitability and appropriateness of the Name-composition to the purpose of creation of the worlds, or the suitability of the Name-composition to the purpose of the individual’s existence. As there is no ‘other’ Uluhiyyah but the ONE.

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