Sunday, 25 August 2013

Introduction to Islam

People have many misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam. I have selected some YouTube videos which I think can help people learn about Islam. Islam is not a religion that comes without seeking or learning. Islam is very much a body of knowledge which needs seeking, learning, understanding, and practising with deep commitment. It is a religion as well as a way of life. It is a disciplined way of life that steers humans away from their animal instincts and behaviours (sheer lust, free sex and sex orgies, drunkenness, prostitution, LBGT, meaningless songs, drifting from reality, living in fantasy, drugs, etc). No human invented Islam. The religion is a divine revelation, even to the first man, Prophet Adam a.s. So we, the latter generation and mass of humans, we too have to learn about Islam so we know it in its proper form. I too had to learn about Islam more seriously at age 23-24 when I got married. It takes a lifetime to know what Islam is and to be able to fully understand it. It is not something that takes a university degree to understand and be an expert and become a Muslim. It takes a lot of effort to understand Islam first and then learn the wisdom of it, and then live with it. Without Islam, we are animals and we follow jungle law. We may appear civilised but we are not in the true sense. It is never too late to learn about Islam if it is not yet your last breath. It is better late than never.

The History Channel - Muhammad the Prophet

There is a smartphone version of the Quran and its translation which is very beautiful and handy. But you must have Internet connection to listen to the recitations and meanings of the Quran.

This website has Arabic phrases...
Universal Essence - by Ahmed Hulusi


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