Thursday, 21 November 2013

Obituary: Ahmad Ammar 1993-2013

A 20-year old Malay Malaysian student was studying in Turkey. He was knocked down by an ambulance while crossing the road and he passed away on 2 November 2013. His death is regarded as shahid. Many holy men attended his funeral. He is interred at the same graveyard where 60 Sahabat Rasulullah and dignitaries are buried.

His death, which is regarded as shahid, has sparked the awakening of Muslim youth movements in many countries. His parents have been invited by universities (UIA, UMS) and many institutions of learning to speak about their son Ahmad Ammar.

His diary, notes, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, etc provide insight to his deep thoughts on iman and takwa as a progressive Muslim youth. He was inspired by Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh and studied Islamic History. He wanted to re-instate Islamic Rule to its highest status as before during Al Fateh's time.

A book, Cerita Cinta Ahmad Ammar, has been published in printed and digitial formats. They are bestsellers.

A movie about him is being planned and a search for a person to act as Ahmad Ammar is on-going.

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His YouTube video was produced by GPTD which is in Facebook

Ahmad Ammar videos


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