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Kaabah and Changing the Kiswah

The black velvet drape of the Kaabah is changed annually at the time of the Hajj. The drape is prepared at least a year ahead of each Hajj and prepacked for delivery to Masjidil Haram.

The drape for 1437 Hijrah (2016) is ready by 1436 Hijrah (2015).

The drape is made by a company in Saudi Arabia. At one time the drape was made in Egypt, but that was handed back to Saudi Arabia.

The measurement of the drape meets the measurements of Kaabah.

The Kaabah is a cuboid - i.e., it is not a perfect cube.

The drape is called kiswah. The kiswah is made as 4 independent pieces.

Draping the Kaabah with the new kiswah is made on 9 Zulhijjah when the pilgrims are at Arafah and there are few people in Masjidil Haram.

The old drape remains on the Kaabah while the new drape is applied in stages.

The workers use a mobile life to get to the top of the Kaabah. They can climb onto the roof of the Kaabah. They also get to ground level by using the same mobile lift.

First, the drape facing Makam Ibrahim is brought to the top of the Kaabah and rolled down with 2m still rolled up at the end. Then the old drape is let loose and it falls to the ground.

Second, the drape opposite Makam Ibrahim is replaced in a similar way.

Third, the drape with the Golden Spout (Pancuran Emas) is replaced similarly.

Lastly, the drape neareast Hajarus Aswad is replaced.

Workers then straighten the 4 pieces of drape to cover the Kaabah and they are sewn together at the sides.

Then the cover for the Kaabah door is placed on the new drape.

The 2m of white drape at the bottom signifies that the Kaabah is in the state of Ihram.

The old drape is then cut into smaller pieces and donated to many countries and dignitaries.

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From Wikipedia: (edited)

Kiswah (Arabic: كسوة الكعبة‎, kiswat al-ka'bah) is the cloth that covers the Kaabah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is draped annually on the 9th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, the day pilgrims leave for the plains of Mount Arafat during the Hajj.

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The kiswah is manufactured at a kiswah factory at Ummal-Joud, a suburb of Makkah.


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Changing the kiswah

Video on changing of the kiswah in 2014:

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History of the Kaabah


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